Video Production & Photography

Over my 30-plus years in the network television business. I've produced and directed many shows and events. Today, I love working with companies, people and non-profits to showcase their best sides through video and photography. 

portrait photography

portrait photography

I love working intimately with my clients. I listen carefully to the message they wish to convey and I translate it visually.

Video is my first love and the most powerful way I know how to tell a story. What I love most about new technology is how that power is now in the hands of everyone. The media had exclusivity for too long. 

At ABC Sports we took that responsibility very seriously and we worked in earnest to bring the stories from all over the world home to the US. I am proud of the Olympics, Triple Crown, Ski Jumping and the entire Wide World of Sports. 

It is with no less pride in those years that I say I am awed by the pieces and stories produced and distributed every day by independent people. I love the broad nature of the Internet and the opportunity for everyone to convey their messages.

I began with non-profit videos and expanded to company web videos and commercials. I work alone or with my crew depending on the size of the project.

Photography was always a part of my life. I am never without a camera since the age of 15. I began shooting stills of my video subjects for kicks. I was stunned when people began booking me to shoot head shots. Now portrait photography is a big part of my life. 

Please contact me for a consultation. I have a wonderful crew of people for larger projects. We can tailor to your needs. All projects are priced accordingly.